My latest news

My latest news

19th September 2021

Well what a lovely day I had yesterday. My first “live” workshop in over 18 months. I visited the Quarterjack Quilters of Wimborne, a very talented group of ladies and we were all very pleased to be meeting up and spending the day creating and stitching. There were a few necessary changes to normal, the tables were well spaced and we had to be aware of getting in too close but it was a small price to pay.

I have more bookings over the next few weeks, so let us hope we can all carry on adapting to the new normal but managing to meet up and enjoy the benefits we all get from the love of our common interest – stitch, textiles, creating art works, working with our hands etc.

20th October – So here we are in October and nothing much as changed, I still don’t know when workshops will restart and I really do think textiles need to be seen “face to face” but I have become, like many of us, quite used to using Zoom and we do need to be inventive in these unprecedented times.

I have however had the time to get on with a great many unfinished projects and also to develop some new ideas.

I have been working on designing 28 small panels from a sketch book I made in 2016. – all 28 are now finished and I am busy constructing them into one large hanging.

Here are 3 of the panels Zinnia, Violet and Ox-eye daisy.

4th June – Can’t believe another month has passed already, although some days seem very long and others go very quickly. Thank goodness for Zoom! I’m still working on exhibition pieces, although we now know it won’t be happening this year. But having a break and playing with selvedges of fabric

Selvedges from my painted fabric

5th May – Well we are still in strange times but at least my creative gene is starting to resurface. I am working on pieces for an exhibition at the moment, as part of Zero Nine Texile Artists group. Its supposed to be in July but who knows! Still we have another one booked for 2021 so work won’t be wasted. I hope all of you looking at this site – whoever you are – are staying safe and keeping well

23rd April – Just a quick update, I have started uploading my kits and completed work onto my etsy shop – paintingthetownshop. I will be adding new items as often as I can so please keep checking the site for new additions, if there is something in particular you want, and can’t find it, please get in touch on my contact page

18th April Hello again – well here it is my new Website and first things first, I have to thank Beatrice Maddison for designing and creating this beautiful site for me.

I have added new workshops and I now have an etsy shop – paintingthetownshop – I will be adding new posts to my gallery and to the etsy shop in the coming days, in the meantime, if you have any particular questions for me please get in touch.

These are difficult times for everyone but I hope the site brings a smile to your face and we can think of the colourful days we will have once things start to get better. Stay safe, keep well and I look forward to meeting up with you all again.